From: The Bethany Broadcast June 2001




Christian Crosses – Confirmands in

Action… by Matthew Berry


Have you ever been driving down and inter-state or major highway and seen three Crosses on the side of the road?  A man named Bernard Coffindaffer, who in 1993 began building clusters of three crosses across America, began this ministry called Christian Crosses.  He took on this project because the Holy Spirit instructed him to do so.  Coffindaffer sadly died on October 6, 1993 of a heart attack, but the 1864 clusters of crosses that he built across the nation still stand.


Since Coffindaffer’s death, Christian Crosses, Inc. was formed to continue his great ministry.  Many of the standing crosses need to be restored and repainted.  My confirmation mentor, Mr. Thompson suggested that we repaint the tree crosses at a location North of Frederick, Maryland as a confirmation project.


On Good Friday, the thirteenth of April 2001, Mr. Thompson, my dad, and I headed for the crosses on the side of the highway North of Frederick.  Hr. Thompson had already bought yellow and baby blue paint to repaint the crosses and had the equipment that we needed. It took about an hour to get there and the crosses were really easy to find.  As we drove up close to them we realized the crosses were only about thirty yards away from the road, so it wouldn’t be hard binging the tools and accessories we needed out of the car.  To accomplish this task we took a ten to fifteen foot extension roller and dipped in paint and started rolling.  The cross in the middle was repainted yellow and the smaller two on the outside were repainted light blue.  The job took only about two and a half-hours.


We painted the crosses because first of all they needed to be painted and second because we wanted to keep the tradition going and hopefully inspire the many people who drove by us that day.  While we were working, about thirteen people beeped their horns at us and waved as they drove by.  This was an experience that I will never forget and I am looking forward to making this a tradition every Good Friday.  For more information about this ministry, go to