Three Crosses Along the Highway

Three CrossesHave you ever been driving down the highway and wondered about the three crosses you've seen along the roadside?

They were put up by a man named Bernard Coffindaffer, who was born in Craigsville, West Virginia.  At 42 years of age, Mr. Coffindaffer became a Christian and had a vision to "plant crosses". 

He raised and spent $3,000,000 planting 1,864 trios of crosses in 29 states, Zambia and the Philippines.  West Virginia has 352 sets of crosses, the most of any state.

The crosses are for everyone, he said.  Not for saints or sinners, but for everyone, just a reminder of Jesus as you drive by. 

You can't see it from the highway, but the crosses have three nails in them, symbolic of where a body would be.

Mr. Coffindaffer died at his home in 1993.  His crosses are now cared for by the people who own the land, or by nearby churches who "adopt" the crosses. 

Almost anywhere I drive, I pass crosses.  I am inspired that one person could present such a strong reminder to the world in such a simple way.  With just a glance as I whiz by at 70 miles per hour along the Interstate, I receive a gentle message.

Hurricane, WV