The Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer died Oct. 8, 1993, of a heart

                      attack. A near-fatal heart attack years earlier convinced the

                      Craigsville coal operator that he must save souls for God. He used

                      his money to erect clusters of three crosses - two painted gold and

                      one blue - along highways in West Virginia and other states as far

                      south as Florida. He was one of the West Virginians featured in

                      "Different Drummers," produced by the Morgantown public

                      television station. The Gazette, The Washington Post and The

                      Miami Herald are among the newspapers that wrote about the

                      Methodist minister and his life's work. A Martinsburg artist

                      received a handsome grant for his photographs of the crosses,

                      most of which are still standing. (Photo by Jacob Young)


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